What is TRISTAR® Polycarbonate, and How Does It Help You?

Learn from a Worldwide Leader in Engineering Polymers

While not everyone knows what a polycarbonate is, most people have probably encountered this polymer more than they realize; polycarbonate applications can range from safety helmets, cordless power tool chargers, and LED lighting to safety glasses, medical devices, automotive components and more.

As a worldwide leader in providing engineering polymers at the most competitive prices, Amco Polymers is more than familiar with polycarbonates and how they help our customers. Read on to learn about the properties of this thermoplastic polymer.

So, what exactly is a polycarbonate?

A polycarbonate (PC) is an amorphous thermoplastic known for its heat impact, performance, clarity, and weather resistance. Its other properties include various viscosities, toughness, light transparency, and excellent color and dimensional stability.

What makes dimensional stability essential to injection molding is that it ensures the dimension of molded parts will not change significantly after cooling. Additionally, PC can easily be blended with other polymers—such as ABS, ASA, PBT, and PET—to improve some of its properties for specific applications.

What is TRISTAR® Polycarbonate?

In developing our TRISTAR® Polycarbonate, we modified PC to improve its chemical resistance, weather resistance, and low temperature impact resistance. Our PC’s are F1 rated polycarbonate for outdoor use and they are certified with a full UL yellow card system (UL 94, V-2,V-1,V-0, 5VA, elevated RTI’s [relative thermal index]).

Given the F1 rated materials’ properties, TRISTAR® Polycarbonates are often used in outside enclosure applications, including electric meters, telecom boxes, irrigation control boxes, and any other type of enclosure used in an outside environment that requires a range of temperatures—from very high to very low—and has an electric power connection.

While we provide the highest quality PC to a large variety of industries, what they all have in common is their dependence on our value, support, assistance, and consistent reliability.

How can our material expertise assist you?

Known throughout the country and the world, Amco offers its customers the best, widest range of engineering polymers at the most competitive prices. Tell us about your needs and we can select the right material for your application, together.