Frequently Asked Questions

What markets does Amco Polymers serve?

From automotive to aerospace, from consumer goods to medical, from bags to rail cars, Amco Distribution is able to service your needs.

What technical services does Amco Polymers offer?

AMCO provides experienced technical service for all resins and processes. Non-biased material selection, specification, and process optimization through cycle improvement study and improvement.

  • Application Development
  • Material selection
  • Processing & troubleshooting support
  • Part and mold design critique
  • Competitive material analysis
  • Material compound development
  • Mold filling analysis
  • Fracture and Failure analysis
  • Assist with regulatory and specifications
  • On-site Lunch & Learns/Training Seminars
  • Teardown capability
  • Provide unique solutions

How many products does Amco Polymers offer? What are they?

Amco Polymers is a family owned business with a product portfolio that provides our customers with the highest quality products from industry leader resin producers. Amco offers an array of polymers and compounds for all applications. View the full line card or visit our product finder.

How does Amco Polymers operate within Ravago Americas?

As of 2012, Amco is a proud subsidiary of Ravago Americas and is now known as Amco Polymers. As a subsidiary of Ravago, Amco operates separately from their other business units but has access to the resources the largest reseller of plastic in the world can offer opening endless ways for Amco to service your needs.

Is Amco Polymers ISO Certified?

  • Amco Polymers has been assessed by NSF-ISR and found to be in conformance to the following standard(s):ISO 9001:2008
  • Scope of Registration: Sales, distribution and customer service of Engineering and Commodity thermoplastic polymers and compounds

What are the benefits of Amco’s custom compounding?

Amco Polymers has been helping customers develop compounded resins since 1955. The material development process starts with your specific application. Amco is unbiased in our approach, selecting from our extensive range of resins, additives, modifiers, and fillers, while making sure we match the color you are looking for. We are focused on maximizing the physical properties needed while minimizing the cost to our customers.

What are some of the solutions that Amco Polymers offers?

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lab Services
  • Product Development
  • Resin Market Intelligence
  • Technical Service
  • Application Development
  • Recycled Solutions

Who can I talk to for more information on Amco Polymers?

AMCO prides itself on our 24/7 customer service. Your questions and concerns are important to us. We are available by phone (1-800-262-6685), email (info@amcopolymers.com), or contact us using the online form on our contact page.

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