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Application and Business Development

At Amco Polymers, application and business development are essential to our company.

We specialize in the following:

• Metal to Plastic Replacement
• Opportunity Discoveries
• Part Design
• Process Support
• Material Specifications
• Teardown Capability
• Material Development • Moldflow Analysis
• Problem Solving
• Lunch & Learns (Training Seminars)

Amco TECHNYLSTAR® Products

TECHNYLSTAR® is recommended for a variety of applications such
as office chairs, pedals/pedal boxes, automotive and EE applications.
Several process advantages exist for these products such as cost
efficiency high yield and flexibility in design.

ETP Custom Color Compounds

Amco Polymers, a not only guarantees our
products meet industry color standards for release, we also
produce each production lot to be in precise CIE lab quadrants.
In addition to our incremental quality checks during production,
a final sample from the finished product silo is evaluated once more
for color approval and physical testing before release. Analytical
color data and color retain chips of every production lot are kept
on file and are available upon request at any time.

Tristar® polycarbonate

Amco Polymers formulates TRISTAR® Polycarbonate, the
most versatile PC on the market today. It can be used in any
number of applications, thanks to proprietary modification with
special additives. It is designed to meet and exceed a variety of
technically demanding requirements. We offer a wide range of
melt flow options, as well as glass filler content, custom colors
and flame ratings.

Xarec® sps

Xarec® is the trade name for Syndiotactic Polystyrene (SPS) and is a Registered Trademark of Idemitsu
Chemical. It is a non-polar polymer with unique properties, such as outstanding chemical resistance and
electrical features. Xarec® SPS is ideal for applications that require dimensional stability, sterilization, high
resistivity, low dielectric constants, temperature resistance, and resilience in moisture rich environments.

UL Products

Amco Polymers is a reliable resource for technical expertise, customized solutions and

material selection. We pride ourselves on being an exceptionally responsive resin formulator
of custom engineered thermoplastics with a niche focus on flame retardant materials.
With access to over 200 UL listed products, our goal is to draw increased awareness of the
benefits of UL listed products and help customers through the material selection process.