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Sustainable Solutions from Amco Polymers

Sustainable Solutions from Amco Polymers

For over 50 years, Amco has been providing solutions to the plastics industry’s toughest challenges. Today, there may be no greater challenge than addressing the topic of Plastics Sustainability and like years past, we are here to help.

Inspired by the leadership of our parent company Ravago, we have designed a portfolio of industry-leading products and combined them with our market-leading technical and regulatory experts.

As the need for sustainable solutions grow, the requirements and regulations impacting our industry change at even a faster pace. Product technology and options are quickly evolving – often leading to more questions about choices than ever before, and there is no time like the present to take action.

Our approach is to collaborate with our customers and outline effective solutions to the challenges of recyclability, sustainable or recycled content, resource efficiency, bio-based or compostable products all aimed at lowering our industry’s carbon footprint.

For Amco, this is more than a business opportunity. It is personal. A commitment that stems from our owners:

“We want to give back to the world what it has given us.” – Axel Roussis.

That philosophy permeates throughout our entire organization. It is our responsibility and our commitment to our customers to develop solutions that allow all of us to responsibly enjoy the real benefits that plastics provide to society.

How can we help you in your mission?

At Amco Polymers, We are a Solutions Company. Together we will make sustainability a reality for our industry and leave the world a better place – one pellet at a time.

Our latest line card features biopolymers, post-consumer products, and materials with a lower carbon footprint.

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Sustainability is part of our DNA

Ravago, parent company of Amco Polymers, was founded in 1961 with the goal of recycling production waste from plastics producing petrochemical companies. The Ravago Group is one of the earliest members and strategic advisor to the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC), a private, technical consortium of industry peers across healthcare, recycling and waste management industries to improve the recyclability of plastic products and packaging within healthcare. HPRC members work collaboratively, harnessing individual strengths into collective knowledge to be a change agent for sustainable healthcare.

HPRC was founded in 2010 and is composed of globally recognized members who engage in pioneering projects designed to help boost plastics recycling efforts in clinical settings of hospitals. Committed to continuous dialogue, HPRC explores ways to enhance the economics, efficiency, and ultimately the quality and quantity of healthcare plastics collected for recycling. Learn more about the HPRC here.

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