Properties and Benefits of Tristar® Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate (PC) is an amorphous thermoplastic with a glass temperature of 150o C, which allows it to be used at elevated temperatures. One of its most prominent properties is its high impact resistance. Because of this, it is an ideal application for outdoor applications where material must be highly weather resistant.

In developing our TRISTAR® Polycarbonate (PC), we modified PC to improve its chemical resistance, weather resistance and low temperature impact resistance. Our PC’s are F1 rated polycarbonate for outdoor use and they are certified with a full UL yellow card system (UL 94, V-2,V-1,V-0, 5VA, elevated RTI’s [relative thermal index]).

The Amco Difference

As a leader in polymer distribution, we have a variety of polycarbonates for numerous industries. In this plastics spotlight issue, we discussed the various exterior applications for our TRISTAR® Polycarbonate. For more, check out the video of our product manager, Chris Slaviero, as he showcases our grades of TRISTAR® PC.

Exterior Engineering Applications

As mentioned, our TRISTAR® PC has an excellent blend of properties, such as high impact resistance, high-heat resistance and dimensional durability. Due to these design properties, it excels as a material for exterior components. Engineering applications include the following:

  • Equipment housings
  • Exterior automotive components
  • Outdoor lighting fixtures
  • Nameplates and bezels
  • Fiber optic enclosures brackets
  • Structural parts
  • Medical supply components
  • Circuit protection devices

Given the F1 rated materials’ properties, TRISTAR® PC-10FRN series, are often used in outside enclosure applications that require a range of temperatures—from very high to very low—and have an electric power connection. Some examples include:

  • Electric meters
  • Telecom boxes
  • Irrigation control boxes

Furthermore, our TRISTAR® PC-10FR VIM series are often used for industrial products and hand tools because it offers such high impact resistance. This grade of PC is also flame retardant and UV stabilized for high performance and durability. All TRISTAR products can be produced in custom colors and are available in quantities as low as 55 pounds.

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