What are the Advantages of TECHNYL STAR® Polyamides?

Discover the benefits of this high-strength Solvay nylon

When you think of polyamides, is your first thought of nylon stockings and hosiery? Or do you think of automotive engine covers and gears, electricals and electronics (EE) and consumer goods like office chairs? If you’re looking for a high-strength nylon that can handle your industrial applications, then look no further than our TECHNYL STAR® products from Solvay.

Amco Polymers’ ability to provide competitive pricing for some of the highest performance materials in the world comes from our established relationships in the industry and our decades of material knowledge. Read on to learn more about the advantages of polyamides like TECHNYL STAR®, and discover how this material can help customers like you.

What are the properties of polyamides?

A polyamide (PA) is a crystalline thermoplastic known for being both lightweight and strong, and is most commercially processed as nylon 6 and nylon 66. Other properties that nylon is known for include good creep resistance, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and friction and wear properties.

Nylon is easy to injection mold and extrude, but it also absorbs moisture, which should always be taken into account when considering its end-use. There are various grades of polyamides available, too, that can improve their material performance for heat stabilization, flame retardancy, impact modification and more.

Not sure which grade of nylon is suited for your application? At Amco Polymers, we can consult with you about which polyamide can best serve your unique needs during product development.

What are the processing and part advantages of TECHNYL STAR®?

TECHNYL STAR® is a great option for industrial metal-to-plastic replacement due to its lightweight structure and strong mechanical performance. It also processes easily, resulting in an efficient injection process that can save cost, time and energy in manufacturing. Overall, the high fluidity and lower cycle time of TECHNYL STAR® versus standard PA6 results in a much more cost-effective yield—with the added bonus of lowering your maintenance costs.

As far as part performance goes, TECHNYL STAR® is also flexible from a design standpoint. TECHNYL STAR® is highly compatible with coloring, painting and electroplating and has high stiffness and dimensional stability through reinforcement up to 60%. Parts can be made with thinner ribs and walls allowing you to manufacture larger parts while achieving impressive weight savings. Additionally, TECHNYL STAR® has excellent surface aspects. Parts can be made to show no glass fiber on its surface and significantly reduce part warpage.

Amco Polymers’ team of dedicated specialists can provide technical support for our customers. If you have any questions about whether or not TECHNYL STAR® is right for your application, contact us and we’ll help you determine the best material for your application.

How can our material expertise assist you?

Amco Polymers has a reputation for offering our customers a wide portfolio of products produced by the world’s leading thermoplastic resin producers. When we couple our portfolio of products and our highly capable commercial teams with those of our customers, we create sustainable solutions that generate significant value. We are ready to help and look forward to partnering on your next opportunity.