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Custom Compounding

Compounding can be defined as enhancement of polymer properties by addition of extra ingredients, such as glass fiber, talc, stabilizers, colors and other additives, during the extrusion process.

Ravago Manufacturing has a unique array of facilities, types of equipment, and technology platforms that allows to fulfill virtually any product or process requirement specified by any customer. With six manufacturing facilities located across the United States, we provide solution-based technology.

Accordingly, with a diverse platform of process technologies, we offer the capability to manufacture products from the most basic formulation to the most complex formula designs, even those that may require multiple process steps.

Finally, with our highly trained and experienced Technical Staff along with our internal technical capabilities and resources, we can provide a wide variety of formulary and product recommendations and offerings to meet even the most demanding requirements.

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Specialty Resins, Compounds

Amco Polymers has been helping customers develop compounded resins since 1955. The material development process starts with your specific application.

Amco is unbiased in our approach, selecting from our extensive range of resins, additives, modifiers, and fillers, while making sure we match the color you are looking for.
We are focused on maximizing the physical properties needed while minimizing the cost to our customers.

Once a product is formulated, Amco has the resources and facilities to manufacture volumes from 50 pounds to more than 5,000,000 pounds at various locations around the United States.

Product Development-Specialty Resins, Compounds

Amco is in the unique position of being both a compounder and resin distributor. This gives us wide variety of products to choose from and a number of resources. In selecting a product for your application we have technical knowledge, lab resources and compounding facilities to assist in your most challenging new product development.