See NOVODUR® in Action for the Automotive Industry

Applications and Benefits of INEOS Styrolution’s ABS Product

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, or ABS, is an ideal polymer for automotive interior and exterior parts. Why? Because of its high impact, toughness, heat resistance, and gloss levels, just to name a few reasons.

Which is why we’re proud to offer NOVODUR® by INEOS Stryolution: specialty ABS polymers that offer low emission grades, a balance between impact strength and stiffness, and are available in pre-colored selections.


Exterior Automotive Applications

Due to its blend of high-performance properties, various grades of NOVODUR® ABS excel in exterior

automotive applications. Several key applications include, but are not limited to:

• Rear-view mirror

• Radiator grill (front and bumper)

• Side pillars

• Roof spoilers

• Racks

• Winglets

• Tailgate trims

• Fascia brackets

• Rear light housing

For example, NOVODUR® HH-106 is a high heat resistant grade with a balanced property profile. Its typical applications include rear rear-view mirror, radiator grill (front and bumper), side pillars, roof

spoilers, racks, winglets, tailgate trims, and fascia brackets. In other words, it’s very versatile. Similarly, HH-112 grade can be applied to side pillars, but it's very high heat resistance and high stiffness allows it to be ideal for rear light housing.

If you’re looking for impact focus, both NOVODUR® H801 and Ultra 4255 have high impact strength, high heat resistance, and low emission. The former grade is effective in rear light housing while the latteris a PC-modified grade that is exceptional for side pillars, and tailgate trims. Both grades work well for roof spoilers, racks, winglets, and fascia brackets.

For electroplated front trims, frames, and emblems, INEOS Styrolution offers two electroplating solutions: NOVODUR® P2MC and Ultra 4140PG. As part of INEOS Styrolution’s specialty product portfolio, these provide exceptional heat and impact resistance for both interior and exterior applications, complete with convenient processing.

Interior Automotive Applications

Several NOVODUR® grades are great for interior trim and center console parts, including but not limited


• Door panels

• Door handles

• Roof consoles

• Pillars

• Steering columns

• The instrument cluster

• Glove box

• Fascia console

• Air vents.

Like we mentioned earlier, the NOVODUR® HH-106 is a high heat resistance ABS polymer with a
balanced property profile. This makes it ideal not just for exterior applications, but also for door panels
and door handles. For very high heat resistance and high stiffness, the HH-112 grade is also ideal for
door panels as well as roof consoles.

NOVODUR® ABS also has excellent applications for the seat trim. You can look at high impact grades
such as the NOVODUR® H801 and H801. The H605 grade is especially great for center console
applications due to its medium-high heat-enhanced flow.

The NOVODUR® Ultra 4255 is well known for its combination of low-temperature ductility, high impact
strength and heat resistance, good flowability, and low emission. In fact, the grade has been well
received by the automotive industry for its interior applications since its launch in 2016. It can be applied
to the instrumental panel trim such as the instrument cluster, glove box, fascia console, and air vents.

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