Discover Flint Hills' Specialty Polypropylene for the Medical Industry

The Advantages and Applications of Flint Hills Resource's PP Portfolio

If you are looking for medical grade polypropylene (PP) with superior clarity, chemical resistance and durability, look no further than Flint Hills Resource's (FHR) industry-leading polypropylene grades. FHR designs unique blends to meet stringent standards, making FHR's medical grade polypropylene an advantageous choice for medical applications ranging from pipettes to syringes to medical labware.

Read on to learn more about polypropylene as a thermoplastic and the advantages of Flint Hills polypropylene as a specialty high-performance material for medical applications.

What is Polypropylene?

What makes polypropylene one of the most used products is its versatility. The number of applications it can be used in is extensive and can range from consumer to automotive to medical products.

Depending on the grade used, the material can exhibit chemical resistance, elasticity, toughness and transparency. As a material that doesn't conduct electricity well, it can be used as an insulator. Its malleability allows it to be used in products that require a living hinge where the product needs to bend but not break. With a lower density than other products, polypropylene can help manufacturers save money by producing lighter weight products.

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Material Features

At Flint Hills Resources, they work closely with customers to develop distinct grades of polypropylene for the medical and healthcare industry. Material features include:

  • ISO 10993
  • Free of animal derivatives
  • Superior clarity
  • Low extractables/leachables
  • " Low fluorescence
  • Sterilization - Gamma, E-beam, autoclave, EtO
  • Higher crystallization


With these key features, Flint Hills offers a variety of grades designed for specialty medical applications such as:

  • Pipettes
  • Syringes
  • Cuvette
  • Luers
  • Diagnostic devices
  • " Medical device components
  • Labware

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Find Unique Specialty Grades with Flint Hills

As a flexible polypropylene producer, Flint Hills is an excellent choice for machining medical grade polypropylene due to their wide range of unique grades. The ease of processing makes polypropylene an attractive material capable of competing with more expensive resins in a number of demanding applications in a hospital or operating room.


Grades of polypropylene are available to meet the needs of various fabrication processes such as:

  • Extrusion
  • Fiber Spinning
  • Injection Molding
  • Slit Tape
  • Thermoforming
  • Extrusion Coating
  • Blow Molding
  • Laminating
  • Biaxially Oriented Film (BOPP)

Custom Polymer Development

In addition to having several stock grades to choose from, Flint Hills will work together with Amco and our customers to develop custom grades that many consider specialty products. Flint Hills understands that "off the shelf" products do not always fulfill the needs of the customer. With their wide range of capabilities and strong product development, Flint Hills helps customers create niche materials for critical applications.

Not sure which grade of polypropylene is suited for your application?

At Amco Polymers, we can consult with you about which polymer can best serve your unique needs during product development

Diverse Product Portfolio

Flint Hills not only has the ability and willingness to work on specialty grades, but also offers a number of diverse products that are readily available. Flint Hills' product catalogue is a great starting point to see the wide range of melt flow products as well as those with and without additive packages that they offer. Included in that listing are several products designed for medical applications having USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 approvals.

At Amco Polymers, we have dedicated specialists and product managers who work closely with Flint Hills to deliver the best polypropylene product to our customers.

A Solutions-Based Company

With our strong team of Product Managers, Technical Service Engineers, Development and Customer Service Representatives working together, our focus at Amco is always our customers. The support and flexibility that Flint Hills Resources provides helps Amco accomplish our goal of being a solutions-based company.

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