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In today’s marketplace, material selection is instrumental to the success of every product. To support an impartial approach to material selection, a strong relationship with suppliers, who are integrated with authorized distribution partners, is paramount to achieve growth and profitability for molders and extruders.

All Solutions

Meeting the demands of your application while implementing them into your process!

Our Application Development Team & Commercial Technology Team have the ability to provide material selection advice on commercially available solutions and even for solutions that have yet to be imagined. With a full understanding of requirements (Environmental, Chemical Exposure, Improved Co-efficient of Friction, UV Resistance, Cost Savings, etc…), our team will provide the best possible material choices.

AMCO has the ability to be actively involved in every phase of development from initial part design to production. As one of the newest members of the Ravago family, we have expanded production and testing capabilities and will continue to maintain our long-standing focus on solving customers’ problems through innovative technologies and creative solutions. Our problem-solving capability revolves around our utilization of our vast compounding, recycling, blending, and distribution capabilities.

We Offer Our Customers:

  • Onsite and phone assistance for process evaluations of new and existing programs.
  • Scrap rate study and evaluation for improvement.
  • Molded part defect evaluation and review for corrective actions.
  • In depth single or multiple cause evaluation for defect correction through systematic problem solving. Identify and verify all potential causes. Determine and prove limits for tooling, process, material and equipment for necessary action items.
  • Material modifications through compounding and additive blending.
  • Part Design review for manufacturing and economical processing.
  • Material consolidation review and process trials to reduce similar materials.
  • Advantage and disadvantage outline for similar materials per application.
  • The generation of market data and application literature specific to applications and materials.
  • Provide baseline ASTM testing when applicable.
  • Polymer component base material identification.
  • Network of 3rd service providers for engineering data and analysis testing. (FEA, MFA, material testing etc.)
  • Lunch & Learn Seminars for specific customer requirements, projects, and production.

Ready to Answer Your Questions

We are more than willing to assist you with any concerns you may have during this unprecedented time. Do not hesitate to speak with an expert or a product manager who can help you find the best solution for your project needs.

No job is too big or small - We are willing to go the extra mile and help you find the solution needed for your project. We are a Solutions Company.

We are the most trusted partner by both customers and suppliers for managing their polymer needs and for developing new applications necessary for their successful growth. Our technical team is ready on standby to present you with materials that will exceed customer expectations and create a lasting partnership.

Call 888-AMCO-TEC (888-262-6832) or email: to speak directly with Amco’s Technical Team specialist.