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Since 1961, Ravago has provided recycled thermoplastic and rubber compounds for a variety of end market uses. Today, Ravago is the world’s largest recycler of thermoplastic and rubber compounds. EnViramid, Ravago’s latest recycling innovation is a family of products based on PCR Nylon carpet fiber. EnViramid products start life as carpet in your home or office and is saved from the landfill. EnViramid products are produced in Ravago’s state of the art fiber desification and polymer compounding facility in Manchester, TN. EnViramid’s compounds offer product consistency.

Enviramid Grades

Just a small sampling of the Recycled Nylon grades Ravago offers:

Description EnViramid Nylon 6 EnViramid Nylon 66

Neat, heat stabilized, lubricated N2300 HL N1300 HL

40% glass/mineral, heat stabilized, lubricated N2340 MGHL N1340 MGHL

35% glass, heat stabilized, lubricated N2335 HL N1335 HL

Neat, impact modified, heat stabilized, lubricated N2300 STHL N1300 STHL

35% glass, impact modified, heat stabilized, lubricated N2335 STHL N1335 STHL

40% Mineral, heat stabilized, lubricated N2340 MHL N1340 MHL

Recycled Polymers - Polyoelfins

Echo is the trade name for Ravago Manufacturing Americas (RMA) recycled PE and PP compounds. The Echo product family consists of unfilled, glass and mineral filled PP & PE compounds. All of the Echo grades are produced with using 100% post-industrial feed stocks. Using PIR materials allows us to make a very consistent Echo product that will be suitable for various applications in the industrial, automotive, construction and consumer durable markets. RMA operates one of the largest recycling/compounding facilities in Waller, TX which is a result of our global expertise in this market.

Echo Grades

Just a small sampling of the Recycled Polypropylene grades Ravago offers:

Echo PIR Product Material Description

RPPC 20/2 BK PP Copolymer 20 Melt, 2 Izod, Black

RPPC 20/6 BK PP Copolymer 20 Melt, 6 Izod, Black

RPPC 20/10 BK PP Copolymer 20 Melt, 10 Izod, Black

RPPC 30/2 BK PP Copolymer 30 Melt, 2 Izod, Black

RPC 10G BK PP Homopolymer 10% glass filled, Black

RPC 20G BK PP Homopolymer 20% glass filled, Black

RPC 30G BK PP Homopolymer 30% glass filled, Black

RPC 40G BK PP Homopolymer 40% glass filled, Black

ABS 120 BK ABS 1.2 Melt ABS