Roadmap to Sustainability

Spread across three webinars that explore a roadmap to sustainable mobility applications. Sharing industry material technologies and trends and a forum for questions and engagement.

Join Adam Wozniak, Amco Polymers Senior Manager Creating a Sustainability Pathway for Mobility Journey.

PART 1: Creating a Pathway for Mobility
PART 2: Sustainable Design for Mobility
PART 3: Setting Smart Sustainable Goals

As an unbiased raw materials distributor and manufacturer, we are committed to supporting Automotive OEMs and Tiers in shaping the future of sustainable mobility. If you’re interested in moving beyond your current solutions by adopting new technologies that can support your sustainability targets and meet demanding technical requirements in Automotive applications.

What you will learn:

This seminar will provide an overview of Trends (Consumer Perception & Legislation) and Understanding Technologies – (PCR, PIR, Bio-Attributed Mass Balance Polymerization, Advanced Molecular Recycling, Intelligent Design and How to Apply them to your applications)

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