2020 MAPP Benchmarking & Best Practices Virtual Conference

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We’re proud to partner with MAPP for this year’s digital-only, MAPP Benchmarking Best Practices Virtual Conference addressing leadership, operational best practices, the latest financial benchmarks, sales and marketing, the impact of employees on the bottom-line, and much more. Join us on October 19-23, 2020, where we will be sharing our leading polymer and service-based solutions in a digital-only, video-first environment.

Have questions about your supply chain, and why now is a good time to re-evaluate?

This year, COVID-19 has put a substantial amount of stress on every business. A single break in the chain can cause (1) Financial Loss, (2) Violation of Contracts and Damaged Credit, and (3) Reputational Impact. That is why now more than ever companies must ensure the stability of their supply chain.

Amco Polymers' Senior Financial Analyst, Andrew Wingerter will be hosting a webinar in partnership with MAPP, as he discusses “Stress Testing Your Supply Chain."

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