About Amco

Amco Polymers was founded in 1955 with a philosophy based on helping customers find solutions to problems and a commitment to continuous improvement and service. From that philosophy Amco has continued to grow and add diverse services and product offerings unlike any other plastics supplier in the industry. Amco understands that speed is essential in today’s competitive marketplace.


Amco distributes prime branded materials from domestic as well as international producers. Amco has built strong supplier relationships due to our commitment to the plastics industry, industry knowledge, dependability and integrity. Amco has the ability to package resin to customer specifications in rail cars, bulk trucks, gaylord boxes, bags, or drums.

Color Concentrates

Color is premixed with a carrier material and shipped in pellet form to give processors the ability to add color in a concentrate format at a predefined ratio with uncolored natural material. Color concentrates offer a cleaner alternative to blending in dry color pigments. Color concentrates also reduce costs associated with pre-colored resins. Salt & Pepper color blending is also available.

Dry Color

Pigments can be custom made to match a target color or selected PantoneĀ® colors. Dry Color is provided in concentrated powder form for processors to blend with material.


Amco has the ability to custom manufacture specialty compounds to your needs and specifications. Custom compounding offers desired material properties and sometimes a more economical alternative to expensive engineered polymers. Compounding of color, glass, carbon-fiber, metal, impact modifiers as well as additive blending including UV stabilizers, lubricants, anti-microbials, foaming agents, and scratch resistant enhancers are all available. A full line of appearance modifiers to lighten, darken, add grain, sparkle, pearlescence, metal coloring, iridescence, phosphorescence, or almost any combination of effects are also available. Many Amco compounds comply with UL, FDA, NSF and USP specifications.



Amco offers unique anti-counterfeiting taggants and taggant combination technology to make your finished product difficult, if not impossible, to counterfeit.

Color Matching

Using our state of the art computer color matching lab, Amco color specialists can match virtually any target color, translucency, clarity and opacity level.