About Ravago

As of 2012, Amco is a proud subsidiary of Ravago Americas and is now known as Amco Polymers.  As part of Ravago, we now have far greater purchasing power and resources to draw upon, which will help us offer you even more competitive prices, production capacity/speed, and technical know-how.

Our parent company, epitomizes Amco’s expertise on resins and additives. Founded in 1961, the Ravago Group is the world leader in the distribution, resale and compounding of commodity, engineering and specialty plastic and rubber products. The Ravago Group markets more than six billion pounds of products, employs three thousand associates and operates in more than 100 countries around the world.

Ravago is, in the true sense of the word, a family company. During its 51 years of existence, the family has grown from a local Belgian team to an international group of more than 4500 employees across the globe working together in the same spirit of partnership.

Ravago endeavors to maintain the same corporate values: professional expertise combined with personal modesty. Just like the tree’s branches extending out of the Ravago logo’s framework, the loyal group of family members continue to grow outside of its original habitat.